Offer: Oak procurement services

Date: 2019.03.07
Id: 25412

My name is Nikolay Kirichenko. I was involved in the production and harvesting of wood in Russia since 2002. Looking for a job as an agent or representative for the purchase of sawn timber of oak, beech, ash, wood products in Russia for foreign companies.

I work with small and medium producers of lumber in the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, the Republic of Adygea, Voronezh, Tambov, Ingushetia. More than 70 manufacturers that handle up to 5500 m3 of round timber of oak and beech in a month. Know how to find a manufacturer for orders and to reduce the purchase price to my employers.
I hope you can help me with finding an employer.
I want full-time and freelance work. Willing to perform project work.

Posted by: Николай Кириченко
Phone: +79184136734